Funds Overview

CCG Capital manages two funds filed with the Securities and Exchange Commission under Regulation D Rule 506 as well as with the appropriate departments of any state in which an investor resides. Our funds provide financing through high-yield loans secured by first deeds of trust. We consistently offer higher returns at a lower risk because investments are secured by real property within a diversified portfolio. This type of Fund Investing is also referred to as a 'Mortgage Pool'. 

Investment Programs

Fund Facts

  • Regulation D Security
  • Filed in all 50 States
  • Historical yields between 10-13%
  • Organized as an LLC in Texas
  • Investors are members
  • 100% owned by investors
  • Secured by a diverse real estate portfolio

Fund Investing or Mortgage Pool

Fund investing or mortgage pool investing is a portfolio of real estate loans funded collectively by multiple investors with shares in the pool based on the amount invested. Investors earn proportionate interest in all of the loans made by the fund. Interest earnings from the loans are passed directly to investors, who can choose to receive distribution checks or reinvest monies back into the fund. By allowing an investor to spread their investment across all the loans in the fund, mortgage pools offer greater diversification than investing in individual trust deeds and therefore, lower risk. 

CCG Capital offers two different  investment funds to choose from and potential investors are encouraged to contact the fund manager for detailed information on each fund.  

Self-Directed Retirement Accounts

Converting your retirement accounts to self-directed retirement accounts allows you the flexibility to take charge of your investment strategy and to gain control of your investments. Investing through various retirement accounts including, ROTH, IRA, SEP, and Simple IRA plans can come with significant tax-saving advantages. Self-directed retirement accounts allow you the freedom to diversify your portfolio into alternative, high yield investments through tax-sheltered retirement accounts. 

Our experienced professionals are here to guide you through this process if you decide it is the appropriate choice for your investment. If you have any questions about this process please contact us and we will provide you with more information. 

Investor Funds

Our investor funds include the Pride of Austin High Yield Fund I, LLC and the Pride of Austin Opportunity Fund I, LLC. Both funds are Texas limited liability companies that were formed for the primary purpose of making and arranging loans for real estate investments. These high-performing funds have produced historical yields between 10-13%.  

The POA High Yield Fund was established in 2008 and was created to fund real estate acquisitions and construction projects secured by first deeds of trust. Distributions from the High Yield Fund are paid to investors or reinvested back into the fund on a quarterly basis. For those investors who do not require receipt of the quarterly disbursements, we allow for the distributions to be reinvested into an investor’s account.

The POA Opportunity Fund was established in 2014 and is often used to supplement loans made from the POA High Yield Fund. The POA Opportunity Fund can act as a second lien to first lien loans made from the POA High Yield Fund, generating a higher loan-to-value rate for the borrower. The POA Opportunity Fund is structured to distribute it's yield to investors on a semi-annual basis.