Loan Application Process

  1. Once we receive your loan application worksheet we will do a basic assessment of the project and decide if it fits within our lending parameters.

  2. If it is a viable project that meets our criteria, we will contact you to let you know we are interested. During this discussion, we will gather more detailed information about you and your project as well as give you a preliminary loan worksheet. The preliminary loan worksheet provides a cost breakdown of your potential loan and identifies the funds the borrower will need to close on the loan.  

  3. If both of us decide that CCG Capital is the right lender for you, we will issue a Letter of Interest (LOI). We will not issue an LOI unless we want to make the loan. 

  4. Once you return the signed LOI and the underwriting fee we will begin the underwriting process. Learn more about our underwriting fees here.

  5. We will work with you to determine an appropriate closing date. Generally, we are able to close on a loan within 2-3 weeks of receiving all underwriting documents as stated in the LOI. The duration of underwriting is based upon the ability of the borrower to provide the requested documents.